The act of investing for our futures…


The act of investing for our futures implies we have hopes and aspirations. But what does that future look like? Shouldn’t investing in a better tomorrow be of equal importance?

No one person or entity can halt the climate emergency, control how technology is redefining our lives, or manage shifting geopolitical landscapes. But together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Together we can make a difference with Responsible Investing. 

Responsible Investing (RI) is a cornerstone of our business at Amundi.

Amundi: Committed to Fostering Change and Delivering Returns

Our 2021 ambition underscores our commitment as both a responsible actor and a responsible enabler.

Thanks to our size and voting rights, we aim to foster meaningful changes for good in the environment and society as whole

We strive to:

  1. Enable clients to get a responsible return on investments
  2. Influence companies for meaningful change
  3. Apply ESG practises to100% of our funds by 2021

Amundi, a responsible partner

A pioneer

in responsible investing1

USD829 bn

in Responsible Investment AUM1

+10 000

issuers rated in respect of ESG criteria1

1. Source: Amundi, data as of 30 June 2022, AuM including Lyxor.

How Do We Invest Responsibly?

Many approaches are now available to us under the heading of responsible investing providing multiple strategies for all types of our investors whether they are motived by values or economics.

Here they are explained in more detail:

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