Capitalise on market opportunities with multi-asset strategy

Amundi’s multi asset strategy  provides access to a broad range of investment opportunities across multiple asset classes, sectors and geographical regions  to allow you to achieve a pre-determined risk/reward objective.

Balancing risk and reward

Multi asset portfolios are structured on pre-determined risk/reward objectives while keeping in mind the changing market conditions.

Amundi’s innovative asset allocation method, integrates dynamic risk management and leverages on our management and research capabilities to allow us to strike a  balance between generating value and avoiding high volatility.

Key points of diversified investment management

Diversify investments across various asset classes and geographies

Pre-determined risk/reward objective that generates value while avoiding high volatility

Innovative asset allocation methods which leverages on group management and research capabilities 

This strategy has risks associated with different underlying financial instruments.

Featured Fund

First Eagle Amundi Income Builder
First Eagle Amundi Income Builder Fund

Builds a sustainable source of income from a broad global universe while achieving long term capital growth

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