Scam attempts

For several months, there has been a raft of fraudulent investment proposals and scams, usurping the name, address, logo and/or approval number of authorised players as well as the names of employees of said players (including Amundi).

Amundi calls for vigilance and reminds you of the following points:

  • Amundi and its subsidiaries never contact the general public directly to offer a financial product;
  • Amundi never raises funds directly from the general public;
  • Amundi products are systematically sold through intermediaries (private wealth advisors, bank advisors, independent financial advisors, etc.).


Amundi reminds you of the following warning signals, that should alert you:

  • You don’t know the person who is contacting you;
  •  You are promised very high returns with no risk;
  • You are asked to make a decision quickly;
  • You are asked to make a transfer to a foreign bank account.

More generally, we invite you to follow the recommendations:

  • Do not follow up unsolicited phone calls;
  •  Do not communicate your personal details (telephone, e-mail, identity documents, bank details, IBAN, proof of address, etc.) directly by e-mail or on websites whose reliability you cannot check or confirm;
  • Do not take information given by a caller on the phone at face value. The caller may not be who you think he/she is and may have impersonated a genuine employee;
  • Look up the company for which your caller claims to work (telephone, e-mail and postal address) and call the company directly to check that the caller is really one of its employees;

For further recommendations, we invite you to consult the regulator’s website.