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As a leading European ETF provider, Amundi's broad range of products stands out particularly for its competitive pricing and product innovation underpinned by our approach of listening closely to our clients to understand their precise needs. Our range of products encompasses over 300 ETFs providing choice for investors across asset classes, geographies, sectors and themes.

We are committed to responsible investing. It is a founding pillar of Amundi, and ESG is at the core of our ETF, indexing and smart beta offering.

A useful tool in an investor’s portfolio

The global ETF market has grown considerably over the last decade. ETFs, also known as ‘trackers’, aim to replicate as closely as possible the performance of their benchmark index, whether it rises or falls. They combine the advantages of index funds (compliant with European UCITS IV regulations) with those of equities (easy to buy and sell).

Leading European ETF provider

>182 bn€ AUM1

#1 European ETF provider based on assets under management (ETFGI)2

300+ products3

One of the most compelling ETF ranges available - with ESG at the core 

01 | The European ETF champion 

We are the largest European ETF provider, with more than €182 billion1 in assets under management. But we’re aiming far higher – both for you and for ourselves.
We’re setting out to build the European ETF champion you deserve and raise the bar for our entire industry.
We currently offer over 300 products1, all complying with European UCITS standards. Our comprehensive and cost-efficient range of ETFs comprises some of the most compelling strategies in ESG, Thematics, Emerging markets and Fixed income.


02 | Partnership innovation and sustainable

Our vision for ETF investing is based on authenticity, creativity, sustainability and deep relationships.

  • Partnership: As proactive problem solvers, we’ll take the time to listen to, and work with, you to solve today’s investment challenges.
  • Innovation: As relentless innovators, our mission is to anticipate key investment trends and keep you one step ahead.
  • Responsible: As one of the most responsible of investors*, it’s our duty to drive the industry forward and demonstrate just what responsible investing really means.

*Amundi is one of the world leaders in responsible investing with roughly 40% of total AUM in responsible investments (as at 31/12/2021).

03 | Dedicated local teams

Amundi ETFs are listed on major stock exchanges including: Euronext Paris, Xetra, London Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana, SIX, Euronext Amsterdam, Bolsa Mexicana de Valores.

With offices in over 35 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, our local experts are on hand to work with you to find solutions to your unique investment challenges.

We continue to export our UCITS ETF expertise and range all over the world, with listings in Mexico for instance since 2018.

Expert talk

Fannie WURTZ

Fannie Wurtz

Head of Distribution & Wealth Division & Head of Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta

« ETFs are remarkable tools which can empower even more investors to invest even more meaningfully, all over the world. All it will take is the right kind of provider. Our mission is to be that provider.»

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International recognition



  • ESG ETF Issuer of the year



  • UK ESG Equity Passive - Amundi MSCI UK IMI SRI PAB


  •   Miglior ETF Azionario Italia Amundi Ftse Mib Ucits Etf - Eur (C)
  • Miglior ETF Obbligazionario ESG Corporate - Euro Amundi Index Euro Corporate Sri 0-3Y Ucits Etf Dr (C)
  • Miglior ETF Azionario ESG Nord America Amundi S&P 500 Esg Ucits Etf Dr (C)
  • Miglior ETF Obbligazionario Inflation-Linked Lyxor Core Euro Government Inflation-Linked Bond (Dr) Ucits Etf - Acc
  • Miglior ETF Azionario Mondo Lyxor Core Msci World (Dr) Ucits Etf - Acc (Usd)
  • Miglior ETF Obbligazionario ESG Corporate - High Yield Lyxor Esg Usd High Yield (Dr) Ucits Etf - Dist

1 All figures and data are provided by Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta as of 31/03/2023
2 Source: Amundi ETF, ETC Gold included, as at 31/03/2023
3 Source: ETFGI, December 2022, Amundi ETF is the leading European headquartered ETF provider within the European market.

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