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As a leading European ETF Amundi, stands out for its competitive pricing* and innovative feature of its ETF range.

A useful tool in an investor’s portfolio

The global ETF market has grown considerably over the last decade. ETFs, also known as ‘trackers’, aim to replicate as closely as possible the performance of their benchmark index, whether it rises or falls. They combine the advantages of index funds (compliant with European UCITS IV regulations) with those of equities (easy to buy and sell).

A major player in the ETF market

55 bn€ AUM


(Source : Amundi ETF as at end 2019 - Excluding joint venture figures) 

Top 5 In continental Europe


(Source ETFGI at end December 2019) 

140+ Products

A range of simple, liquid and transparent ETFs, among the least expensive* in the market

01 | Recognised and trusted expertise 

Having launched its first funds in 2001, Amundi is recognised as one of the European pioneers in the ETF market.  We currently offer around 140 products, all complying with European UCITS standards. Our range of ETFs covers the main asset classes, geographic regions and a large number of sectors and themes, as well as exposures to Responsible Investing.


02 | A commitment to cost competitiveness and innovation

Amundi’s ETF model is based on two strong principles:

Competitive prices.  Our management fees are amongst the lowest in the market - with an average of 0.21% VS 0.25%.

Innovation.  We constantly seek and develop new products - more than a third of our funds were unique at the time of their launch.


03 | Dedicated local teams

Amundi ETFs are listed on main European stock markets: Euronext Paris, Euronext Amsterdam, Deutsche Börse, Borsa Italiana, SIX Swiss Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. Dedicated ETF teams are based in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom and we continue to export our UCITS ETF expertise and range all over the world, with listings in Mexico for instance since 2018.

Expert talk

Fannie WURTZ

Fannie Wurtz

Managing Director, ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta

« We are committed to providing first class solutions to our clients in equity and bond index management, leveraging a long track-record, a wide knowledge of the asset classes and state of the art research skills.»

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International recognition*

ETF Express Awards

  • 2019 - Best Europe Equity ETF Provider
  • 2019 - Best Fixed Income ETF Provider 
    (all excluding cash)

Mondo ETF Awards

  • 2019 - Best Corporate bond ETF – Non Euro
  • 2019 - Best Real Estate ETF
  • 2019 - Best Government Bond ETF - Euro
  • 2019 - Best Global Equity ETF

Global Investor Awards

  • 2019 - Smart Beta Manager of the Year 


  • 2018 - Amundi ETF iSTOXX Europe Multi-Factor Market Neutral UCITS ETF - "Innovation" Awards Equities market

Funds Europe

  • 2019 - European ETF Provider of the Year

Insurance Asia News

  • 2018 - Best Passive Equity Manager

* Prizes awarded to Amundi ETF by Funds Europe magazine and by the readers of ETF Express.

1 - Reference period 2008-2017, source: Europe Monthly ETF Market Review - Deutsche Bank as at 31 December 2017, data likely to vary over time.

1- Source: Calculated by Amundi using data as of end December 2019. The average asset-weighted Total Expense Ratios (TERs) of all Amundi ETF Funds: 0.21%, against global average TER of other European ETFs (incl. the Funds): 0.25% as per ETFGI as of end of December 2019. Important: some individual Funds may not be cheaper than their European peers or may not have an equivalent European peer group to compare with and vice versa. Analysis without taking into account the fees applied by financial intermediaries as the financial intermediaries’ fees are borne directly by the investor.

The funds are neither sponsored, approved, distributed or promoted by index providers. Index providers make no declaration as to the suitability of an investment.A full description of the indices is available from the providers.

The policy regarding portfolio transparency and information on the funds’ assets are available on Indicative net asset value is published by stock exchanges. Shares purchased on the secondary market cannot usually be sold directly back to the funds. Investors must buy and sell shares on a secondary market with the assistance of an intermediary (e.g. a stockbroker) and may incur fees for doing so. Investors may pay more than the current net asset value when buying shares and may receive less than the current net asset value when selling them.

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