Protect your investments with capital guaranteed solution

Given the uncertain market environment, we provide you with a time-tested investment solution that offers you the assurance of a capital guarantee, with the potential for upside return.

Capital Guaranteed Strategy

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Dual objectives of capital guarantee and upside returns

Conditions in financial markets have been unsettling over the past few years with periods of high volatility and low returns.

Our active investment process adjusts allocation between dynamic and risk-free assets to optimize the risk and return objectives.

Key features of Amundi capital guaranteed strategy

Capital guarantee & absolute return focus

Dynamic asset allocation

Consistent performance

Why Amundi?

USD 302bn

in Multi-Asset investments


Dedicated specialists to manage the strategy

20 years

Experience in SGD Multi-Asset Strategies

Source: Amundi as of December 2017

A proven investment strategy tailored for our Institutional clients

01 | All our resources at your disposal

Amundi is one of the leading asset managers in Europe and is renowned for its strong expertise and client-centric approach. We can draw on our size, our experience across asset classes and our research and risk management resources to create innovative solutions for our clients’, whatever their requirements.

02 | A proven allocation process

The multi-asset investment team uses an innovative approach to asset allocation, which allows them to exploit short-term market inefficiencies and seek the best opportunities. This investment approach aims to deliver positive long-term returns tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

03 | Tailor-made solutions

We do all we can to meet your specific needs within the constraints of your business. Whatever clients require in terms of asset class or benchmarks, we can build flexible portfolios that deliver results within their risk objectives and regulatory constraints.

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