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Vignette - Market story
08/06/2021 Research / Market

The inflation moment - Strategies to protect portfolios from inflation risk

As the global economy emerges from its worst slump since the 1930s, we envisage plenty of inflation fertilisers at stake, especially in the United States. Inflationary trends could emerge due to a combination of factors, including the cyclical recovery as countries try to get the pandemic under control and gradually lift mitigation measures. This will come at the same time as a super-sized US fiscal stimulus, supply chain bottlenecks, pent-up demand and savings, and upward pressure on wages.

Vignette - Shifts & Narratives #5
08/06/2021 Research / Market

Shifts & Narratives #5 - A unique crisis that opens the way to multiple regime shifts

The Covid-19 crisis is exceptional in many ways. It is the most serious health crisis since the Spanish flu a century ago. This crisis resulted in an unprecedented contraction of activity in 2020 and in the deepest global recession since World War II. However, this recession has been the shortest and was not accompanied by a financial crisis thanks to fiscal and monetary policy responses, which have cushioned the economic shock. The exceptional measures put in place aim to buy the time needed to emerge from the health crisis.

Vignette - Inequality - Part 1

Inequality: what is at stake (1/4) - Globalisation, growth, financial liberalisation and inequality

With the misdeeds of globalisation, the rise in inequalities and the resulting perception of injustice have been subjects that have fuelled many debates for a little over ten years. The theme of inequalities has even come to the centre of many political programs. However, partiality, biases and common beliefs are prevalent. Is globalisation responsible for the increase in inequalities? Does growth promote inequalities? Do Inequalities hinder growth? These are essential questions.