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CPR Invest Global Disruptive Opportunities is a thematic global equity fund investing in game-changing innovative companies that can challenge and overtake existing business models and create a new market.


What is Disruption?

Disruption can be understood as any innovation that introduces a new product or service providing a cheaper, smarter, simpler or more convenient use to customers. CPR Invest Global Disruptive Opportunities aims to benefit from disruptive companies, game changers who offer solutions that could be defined as smarter, more convenient, sustainable, faster or cheaper.

The fund aims to outperform the global equity markets by investing in companies which either establish or benefit from disruptive business models.

Why Invest?

An Accelerating Phenomenon

Disruptive companies are accelerating quickly due to combined effects of megatrends: technological evolutions, globalisation and demographic & environmental changes.

A Global Multisectoral Investment Universe

The universe covers all business sectors with four dimensions of the disruptive spectrum:

  • Digital Economy
  • Lifescience & Health
  • Industry 4.0
  • Earth

                                                     Balanced Risk for a Higher Growth Profile

The fund invests in companies which establish or benefit from disruptive business models. It maximises diversification in terms of stock valuation, market capitalisation or volatility level to reduce overall risk.

A Broad Investment Universe, A Unique Approach

The entire spectrum of disruption can be divided into 4 dimensions. The portfolio management team analyzes 28 sub-sectors of about 600 stocks, which are then individually assessed to obtain a final portfolio of about 80 stocks.

Did you know?

When it comes to disruptive innovation, we’ve only see the tip of the iceberg. 

To benefit from the whole disruptive spectrum, investors have to go deeper into this wide universe and find hidden investment opportunities in the sub-sectors of many industries.

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A Conviction-based Management


Number of stocks in the investment universe¹


Large dimensions


Number of stocks in the portfolio¹

Portfolio Manager Interview

Our thematic approach, identified through four dimensions (the digital economy, industry 4.0, earth, health & life sciences) seeks to cover the entire disruptive spectrum as we define it.

Wesley Lebeau, Senior Portfolio Manager

¹ Source: CPR AM, as of 31 December 2022.

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