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A good equation to combine return potential with responsibility

CPR Invest Education is a pioneering thematic global equity fund investing in companies that benefit from the entire education ecosystem and timeline. The fund is in line with the United Nations’ 4th Sustainable Development Goal.


Why Invest?

Education Matters

Education is one of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and is key to unlocking others such as no poverty, healthier life and gender equality. We are a pioneer on this theme

A Broad and Complete Ecosystem

The universe covers the entire education ecosystem and timeline, supported by 3 pillars: 

  1. Content and tools: publishing, softwares, media, educational technology
  2. Facilities: school management, professional integration
  3. Services: accommodation, cafeteria, transportation

Strong Growth Potential

Education is a theme supported by long-term drivers. For example population growth, middle class growth and sociocultural evolution. This has prompted an increase in demand for early and continuing education

Why Education?

  Education is one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A quality, accessible education for all is the foundation of human and economic development and will contribute to the elimination of poverty and inequality. Not only is education beneficial for society, but it is also beneficial for each individual and for companies.

Education needs represent a promising potential for growth. Population growth and the expansion of the middle class in emerging countries are resulting in a large contingent of new students. Considerable investments will have to be made all over the world, with most countries turning more and more to private education networks.

In addition, profound changes in the labour market caused by technological innovations are forcing everyone to adapt their educational programmes and methods as well as to develop continuing education opportunities.

An Active Management Combined with a Sustainable Approach

A Conviction-based Management


Identified sectors to build the investment universe


Pillars in the educational ecosystem


Number of stocks in the portfolio¹

¹Source: CPR AM, as of 31 December 2022.

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