Searching for the best opportunities within the Emerging Market Debt universe

Capture investment opportunities in Emerging Market Debt1 (EMD) through an active, flexible approach.

1.  Past market behaviour do not prejudge future market behaviour 

Why Invest in the Fund?

Attractive Yields

In a relatively low yield environment, emerging market bonds can offer a yield enhancement of ~6% carry2.

Strong Fundamentals

Emerging markets are seeing  improving fundamentals, stabilising growth prospects, attractive valuations and strong foreign reserves.

Multiple Opportunities

The Fund taps on a wide universe of opportunities across 70 emerging countries globally, with diverse economic cycles and characteristics3.

Flexible & Active

The Fund adopts an active approach to seize opportunities wherever they exist in a dynamic changing market while carefully managing risks.

No EM Currency Risk

The Fund invests in bonds denominated in developed market currencies, while offering currency hedged share classes designed to limit foreign currency exposure.

Enhanced Diversification

Global emerging market bonds have exhibited lower correlations to other asset classes, giving investors portfolio diversification benefits.

2. Carry based on both JPM EMBI GD and JPM GBI-EM GD benchmark data in USD as at 29 March 2018.

3. Source: Amundi, J.P. Morgan. Data as of 31 Mar 2018. Given for information purposes only. May change without prior notice.

Why Amundi?

Global Asset Manager

One of the world’s largest asset manager with > US$1.7 trillion assets under management globally4.

Specialist Expertise

An experienced team of > 20  investment professionals specialising in global emerging markets.

Successful Track Record

1st quartile performance in global emerging market bonds strategy for 5 year periods5.

4. Source: Amundi, as of 31 Mar 2018.

5. Source: Mercer, Amundi, as of 31 Mar 2018, based on Mercer ranking of Amundi’s Global Emerging Market Hard Currency strategy track record gross of fees in USD terms. As accounts included in the strategy may have different fees, laws, regulations and restrictions, the returns may not represent the performance returns of Amundi Funds Bond Global Emerging Hard Currency. Information presented here is for reference only and is meant to show the investment capability of the Investment Manager because of its longer history. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. The Fund’s official benchmark is JP Morgan EMBI Global Diversified Hedged Euro Index. For performance returns on the various share classes of Amundi Funds Bond Global Emerging Hard Currency, please contact Amundi Singapore Limited or our authorised distributors.


For more information on the fund, please contact our appointed distributors. 


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Past performance is not indicative of future returns.