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The Silver Economy, A Golden Opportunity

CPR Invest Global Silver Age is a thematic global equity fund investing in companies benefitting from ageing population or the ‘Silver Economy’.


Why Ageing?

Ageing is a non-cyclical and permanent investment theme. If we follow the current demographic trend, the population aged 65 and over, which numbers 900 million people today, is expected to increase to 1.4 billion in the next ten years, and to 2.1 billion by 2050¹.

CPR Invest Global Silver Age aims to outperform global equity markets over the long-term by leveraging on the momentum of stocks with exposure to the theme of ageing population.

Why Invest?

                                            Ageing Population: an inevitable trend, a powerful investment theme

Ageing population stands among the most significant demographic transformations of the 21st century, with new retirement lifestyles supported by high purchasing power.

                                                     A Global Multisector Investment Universe

 Capitalising on diverse thematic sectors that define the Silver Economy, with access to all business models and industrial trends relating to ageing. 
2 age segments (65+ and 80+ years old) with distinct consumption needs

                                                       Active Conviction-based Non-benchmarked fund

  Flexibility to allow sector and geographical deviations from MSCI World Index.  Limited overlap with the global equity market (represented by MSCI World Index) provides diversification.

Did You Know?

The Ageing Population: A Major Social Challenge

The ageing of the population is already a reality, and this demographic phenomenon will inevitably accelerate in the coming decades. It offers an opportunity to develop new products and services.

To cite one example, in the last 18 years, companies whose business is related to the ageing population have achieved average revenue and earnings growth that has outperformed the global market². This trend is expected to gather strength.

Share of seniors (60 years and older) in the overall population³

A Multi-Sector Approach

 2 age segments covering 8 sectors

A Conviction-based Management


Number of stocks in the investment universe⁴


Number of sectors identified


Number of stocks in the portfolio⁴

¹ United Nations, World Population Prospects, 2015 revisions
² Source: CPR AM analysis. Difference between the median growth rate of  MSCI World Net Total Return and the CPR Invest- Global Silver Age investment universe at 30 June 2015 (source: FactSet). Period reviewed: 1996 to 2014. The global market is represented here by the MSCI World Net Total Return.
³ Source: United Nations Population Division, World population, the 2012 revision, DVD edition, 2013
Note: The borders shown on this map do not imply official approval or acceptance by the United Nations
⁴ Source: CPR AM, as at 31 December 2022.

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