Tapping value wherever it exists

Seek out the best investment opportunities1 across global government bond, corporate credit and currency markets through an active and flexible approach2.

1. The Sub-Fund does not offer any capital protection or performance guarantee. 

2. For further details regarding the investment policy, objectives and eligible assets, please refer to the Product Highlight Sheet (PHS) and the Prospectus.


Why invest

01 | Maximise the potential of a global, diversified approach to fixed income investing

  • The Global Fixed Income universe is broad and includes government bonds, investment grade and high yield credit, covered bonds, as well as mortgage and asset-backed securities1
  • The disparity in world economic growth strengthens the call for a global approach with the ability to invest across countries, sector and currencies.

02 | Take advantage of opportunities in credit and currency markets

  • Divergence in global bond prices during a rising interest rates environment provides absolute returns possibilities2 to global fixed income investors. 
  • Gain exposure to selected currencies and credits at attractive valuations for portfolio return opportunities.

03 | Active approach to drawdown management

Uncertainty in the macroeconomic environment requires an active approach to managing portfolio risk budgets, in order to reduce portfolio volatility. 

1. For further details on the assets authorized in the sub-fund, please refer to the Amundi Funds Prospectus.

2. Past market trends are not indicative of future trends.

Key points of Amundi Funds Bond Global Aggregate

Extracting value wherever it exists, with a flexible all-weather investment solution

Multiple sources of potential return  within an extensive universe that also includes High Yield, Emerging Market Debt and Currencies 

Active management by an experienced team, combining both strategic views and tactical implementation of drawdown management techniques


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