Diversify your portfolio with bonds

Amundi provides a wide range of bond strategy and first-rate expertise in fixed income management to facilitate access to bond markets.

Maximising bond opportunities

Bonds pay fixed interest to the holder known as bond coupons. This coupon payment provides a regular income to your investment portfolio. The global fixed income universe is broad and includes government bonds, corporate bonds and covered bonds issued in both developed and emerging markets. 

Amundi is one of the world’s  largest global fixed income managers. Our specialists have developed clear and innovative strategies that look to perform over the medium or long term. Our fund managers also continuously evaluate interest rates, issuer ratings, market’s liquidity and other market factors,  seeking the best opportunities among the different bond categories.  

Key points about Amundi’s fixed income management

A complete range of fixed income solutions

Global coverage of the bond universe with extensive research and analysis to capture best opportunities

Experts in “aggregate”1 strategy which extracts value wherever it exists

Our Group expertise in figures

519 billion USD

Assets managed by Amundi in fixed income funds2

1. “Aggregate” strategy means investing both in government and corporate bonds.

2. Source: Amundi figures as at 30 December 2017. Will change over time.

Our funds carry a risk of capital loss and do not offer any guarantee of performance.