ESG: Amundi’s 3-year action plan

Amundi aims to integrate ESG criteria into a mainstream in investment processes and voting policies. Amundi released the 9 ambitions to be achieved by end of 2021. It’s part of our fiduciary duty to our clients, and we are convinced that an ESG-compliant company is better equipped to outperform in the long run.

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Amundi’s ambitions

100% ESG Integration

By end of 2021, all actively managed open-ended funds of Amundi will have to maintain a higher ESG score than their benchmark index. Passive management strategies can be ESG as well.

100% coverage for ESG analysis (+8,000 companies)

Amundi’s plan calls for a coverage of 100% of the securities in Amundi’s portfolios and benchmark indexes thanks to our ESG expertise. Indeed, Amundi possesses a strong in-house team of ESG analysts  who applies a proprietary methodology  with 36 criteria based on international norms.

100% integration of ESG in voting

By end of 2021, 100% of our votes will take ESG issues into consideration. In 2018,  Amundi voted at over 2,500 General Meetings.  We take our shareholder responsibilities seriously as part of the mission entrusted to us by our clients.

Accelerating innovative climate solutions

As a leader in specific initiatives on ESG issues, Amundi is accelerating its development of innovative solutions for financing climate-positive development and energy transition.

Expanding investments in the social economy

Amundi is a leader in social impact investing in France and the plan is set to more than double current investment levels in 3 years, as well as extending the reach of these activities in Europe.

Doubling our ESG passive management footprint

Amundi plans to double its ESG passive management by enhancing the Responsible Investing  ETF and open-ended index funds range, implementing a systematic exclusion of the worst-rated companies in all open-ended funds and develop innovative ESG overlay solutions.

Enhancing strategic advice and services

Amundi is committed to working alongside both institutional and retail partners to accompany their ESG development. 

Sharing knowledge and best practices

Through the ‘Amundi Executive Program’, our client knowledge sharing program, we aim to disseminate best practices. This high-level forum brings together CEOs and CIOs of asset owners to share their experience and convictions.

Contributing to thought leadership

Through the Medici Committee think tank, Amundi participates in thought leadership to address the major societal challenges confronting businesses worldwide, and contributes to an ongoing process of reflection about the principles, applications and impacts of responsible investments. Additionally,   Amundi will continue publishing research dedicated to ESG investing.

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Responsible Investing: our commitment

Acting as a responsible financial institution is a core commitment of Amundi’s development strategy.

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Responsible investment offering

A wide range of responsible solutions from open-ended funds to tailor-made Responsible Investment.

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Environment initiatives

Bring the fight against climate change accessible to all investors.

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Social Initiatives

Social impact innovative solutions reaching financial performance objectives.

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Engagement for all investors

Being responsible for all investors.

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